Celia’s passion and life work is children. Her wish is to make every child’s life the best it can be, the most fun it can be, with the foundation needed to help every child grow up to be successful, happy, healthy and productive adults.

As a multi-preneur, Celia is a pioneer in children’s & family fitness, the co-founder of Funfit Family Fitness started in 1987. She currently operates Funfit programs throughout the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro Area, including Northern Virginia.

As an internationally recognized expert in Childhood Obesity, Celia has been featured by major networks including FOX News in New York & DC, Washington DC CBS Affiliate, published in articles by the Associated Press, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Baltimore Sun and other online, local, national and international newspapers. She has been featured on radio, through National & International Free Radio, BlogRadio and many others.

Celia was an invited advisor to The National Children’s Museum in Washington, DC, as well as an adjunct faculty member for the Montgomery College (located in Maryland) Challenge Program. In addition, she has written training manuals and the majority of the music that is used in her programs, many of which are included on her first CD, Jiggles & Giggles, with a second CD in the works. Aside from teaching, Celia stays busy coaching parents and caretakers on issues involving toddlers, through online courses, eBooks and FB groups that offer free advice and daily live broadcasts to assist all parents.

A Mother of 2, Stepmother of 3 and Grandmother of 7, Celia possesses a strong passion for all children and the desire to encourage each child to reach their full potential. “Kids are my world!” Often referred to as “the Baby Whisperer”, Celia has a strong bond and an innate ability to understand what kids like, want and need.

Regarding Funfit: My desire to develop the Funfit program with my sister, came from my complete dislike of physical education programs when I was growing up. I was diagnosed with Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) in the summer of 7th grade and was placed in a Milwaukee Frame Body Brace that went from my neck to my hips. Required to wear it from 8th grade to 12th grade and for the most part 22 out of 24 hours a day, I was always picked last for all teams and all game play that occurred in Phys Ed. I was not particularly skilled in any sport and having a body brace on most of the time, didn’t help. I always remained very positive though and actually felt quite lucky growing up that the only thing that I considered wrong with me was that I had to wear a brace for 5 years, acknowledging that there were many kids that were suffering with much more severe diseases than that. However, when the opportunity to create a kids fitness program was presented to me and my sister in 1986, I jumped at the possibility and we were excited to create something that all kids could feel proud to participate in, have loads of fun doing and excel in, regardless of gender, abilities or skills.

My mission after all these years is to continue to develop ways that kids can enjoy their childhood, without the stresses that the outside world imposes on them. To engage, excite and educate parents & caregivers so that they can encourage, engage, excite and educate their children through their own example and to do the same for all the kids that I am able to reach, so that they can go through life with a strong spirit, confidence, and a will to reach their highest potential, while enjoying life to its fullest. Funfit’s logo, simply states what I wish for all…

Peace, Love, Laughter.

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